With more than 30 years of experience in Surfing, we are an Official School endorsed by the Canarian Surfing Federation (FCS), the Spanish Surfing Federation (FESURF) and the International Surfing Association (ISA).

Directed by Fernando, with more than 30 years of waves under his feet, he is a former professional diver who has dedicated his entire life to the sea. 25 years living in Fuerteventura make him a great connoisseur of the beaches and perfect spots for surfing.

Together with him you will learn to know the tides, currents, how to enter the water, the best way to paddle and reach the surf, but above all to stand up on the surfboard and catch your first waves.

We are waiting for you to discover the endless experiences that this wonderful island can offer you. Our courses include:

- Theoretical and practical classes.

- Surf equipment (board and surf suit).

- Transportation to the beach

- Accident insurance..


technical program: Necessary requirements for the practice: Learn to float in the water.

The duration of the course will be 4 hours a day starting with a short warm-up, a break in the middle of the class and a stretch at the end of the lesson.

During the course we will learn the following:

- What is surfing?

- Surfboards and models, transportation.

- Surf suits and models. How to put it on

- Safety rules, visual signals between student and teacher.

- Knowledge of the beach and the environment (currents, tides...)

- How to enter the water with the surfboard in a safe and practical way.

- Correct positioning on the surfboard.

- Rowing technique.

- Selection of the wave.

- Techniques to stand up on the board.

- Wave waiting time. Positioning and attitude.

- Rules of surfing.

- Ecology and Environment. Let's take care of our beaches.

Course prices:

Groups of maximum 6 people, price per person:

1 day €50

3 days €140

5 days €230

Private or Advanced Courses

1 day 1 person €80

1 day 2 people €140

Advanced requirements: know how to ride the wave with a wall. The goal that is achieved according to the original starting level and refinement.